I’m a passionate leatherworker and pawrent to Rufino.

Peens & Co was born out of the love we have for Rufino, our 11 year old silky terrier who we call Peens for short. 

Late November 2018 Peens had a tumour removed from his right wrist. After that we were told it was a grade 3 soft tissue sarcoma. Since then he has had that leg amputated. I think we took it worse than he did. He had his first round of chemo on the 22 of January 2019, pushing through eighteen weeks of chemotherapy to fight it and he is now in remission.

We had promised Rufino a kitten at the end of his chemo journey and like it was meant to be we found a kitten that really loved dogs, so we organised a meet and greet with Rufino. Henry the kitten marched straight over to Rufino purring his heart out and smooched all over him while Rufino’s tail wagged faster than ever. They are now the best of friends.

Through this whole process we had no pet insurance which meant that credit cards were maxed out, holidays cancelled, budgets broken and savings spent.

Due to this extra debt and with the inspiration of little Peens I started making leather dog collars to sell to friends and family, starting an Instagram account to share his story.

Word spread on social media and people across the world have been watching Peens do his treat dance and following his journey.

We’ve sold multiple leather dog collars locally and internationally and have now expanded to our very own website to make the ordering process quicker and easier for you. The bonus is that it frees up Peens & I to spend more time in the studio making more leather collars so that we can get them shipped out to you as fast as we can.

Love Trini and Rufino… and Rufino’s Dad Sam X


All profits from Peens & Co’s handmade leather dog collar range go towards Peens’ ongoing medical bills.

To help Peens and his pawrents out financially you can make a purchase of one of our leather pet products.

We also wanted to give back so 5% of sales go towards Illoura Animal Refuge who looked after Peen’s little brother Henry when he had a difficult start to life. Without Illoura and Grace, Henry would not have come into our lives.